Homage to the Mothers of Syria

Crăciunul văzut din Orientul Mijlociu.

The Institute of Middle East Studies

By Martin Accad
Every Christmas is a time of laughter and tears, of life and death, of singing and mourning, of beauty and ashes. For every person experiencing joy, there is one experiencing suffering. For every mother delighting in her newborn, there is another grieving the loss of hers. For every man and woman celebrating their union, there are a man and a woman mourning the death of their spouse.
Most of us this year, like every Christmas, will sit in the warmth of our houses. Most of us have decorated our Christmas trees and hanged a wreath on our doors. Many even among our Muslim neighbors, especially in Lebanon, will have placed a Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. On Christmas Eve this week, our families will come together. We will cook turkeys and roasts, bake cookies and logs, gather together with our families to sing…

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